Combining care for staff and patients 

Combining care for staff and patients 

When Emma was weighing up what career she would pursue, nursing was the top of the list.  

She recalled the impact a nurse had supporting a neighbour whose partner had a medical incident; and being in awe by the impact of the nurse’s calmness, ability to connect and reassure and make a lasting impression on someone during their darkest days.     

Emma was inspired to do the same. She wanted to support her community and follow in the footsteps of her nana who was also a nurse. Furthermore, Emma was keen to work at a state-of-the-art facility and being a nurse in an emergency department was her dream.   

And the best place to do this was within Alfred Health.  

“When I walked through the doors, it just felt like home.”  

Working in an emergency department, Emma has developed a strong bond with her work colleagues.   

 “They’re much more than peers or work colleagues, they are family, and the rapport we have with each other is second to none”  

“We support each other, through delivering excellence in healthcare to the broader community and achieving great things together. We are there for the highs and we are there for each other during some really challenging days, with kindness and respect at the centre of everything we do.”   

“Our multidisciplinary team is the reason why the team can achieve what it does. It takes everyone from every discipline to make the wheel turn – teamwork is everything.”  

Working within Alfred Health has allowed Emma to pursue many and varied passions within nursing, including highlights such as international programs – from teaching leadership concepts in Abu Dhabi to trauma team training in Myanmar. These experiences alongside furthering her own education (in three masters degrees) has allowed Emma to progress through many roles within Alfred Health.  

From starting off as a junior nurse within the burns and plastics unit, Emma has more recently played a leading role in Alfred Health’s COVID response, and is also Nurse Unit Manager within the emergency department at Sandringham Hospital.   

“Feeling engaged, empowered and supported to strive for excellence is the reason we come back day after day”.  

It is this type of support Emma strives to deliver to her own team and knows how important these factors are on high performing teams.   

“To me it’s the little things that matter the most. It might be a text message to thank someone for doing a double shift, or checking in to see how their family is going. It’s important that our team know how valued and appreciated they are.”  

There are moments when Emma has to balance work with family life.    

“When I talk to my kids about work, I talk a lot about helping and supporting others. I think it’s important that all children start to concept social justice from an early age. 

In fact, Emma’s passion and dedication is so admired by her family, her daughter wants to be a nurse herself when she grows up.  

When we receive a compliment from a patient or their family it really fills up our tanks – it truly is the reason we do what we do and certainly puts a smile on our faces. Knowing that the team have such a profound impact during such a stressful time is really important.   

“Knowing you’ve been able to connect in such a deep and meaningful way – it’s pretty special.”  

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