Roshan’s journey

Roshan’s journey

What started as an internship, has now turned into a permanent full-time job for Roshan Amunupurage. 

Originally from Sri Lanka, Roshan was a charted accountant in Columbo for seven years. 

He then moved to Australia, where he received a scholarship to do a Masters in Finance through Charles Sturt University, and also completed an Accounting Professional Year through Monash College.  

It was an internship through Monash College that Roshan landed at Alfred Health. Not only did Roshan impress in his billing administrator role; he also displayed a willingness to learn and show initiative. 

“I try to work as hard as possible so I could get the most out of the internship. It’s good to get as much experience as possible,” he said.

“Importantly, I felt valued. The team made me feel it was really good for me to be there.”  

For Roshan, the challenges of making ends meet during an internship were well worth it, given the experience he got and the end result. 

Following the internship, Roshan was offered a part time role at Alfred Health, which has now turned into a full-time position. Even when recruiters suggested other health services he could join, Roshan wanted to stay at Alfred Health.  

Roshan’s progress is made more impressive by his ability to adjust to living and working in Australia, with English not his first language. Things such as writing emails, talking on the phone or having conversations around the office took some learning at first. 

However, he credits the support of his colleagues for making the transition a little easier, with the trust he has developed with his colleagues a positive. 

“The culture is really good. Here we’re one team – we work together,” he said.

“They have massive experience, are always helpful and willing to share their knowledge.” 

Roshan’s manager, Sophie Millaras, was impressed by his strong worth ethic. 

“She guided me, motivated me, and helped give me this opportunity. I got a lot of confidence from her,” Roshan said of Sophie. 

“It’s good to have an appreciative employer. When you encourage an employee, they work better.”  

Roshan’s role initially saw him administer outpatient billing, with overseas patient billing to be included as part of his full-time role. 

While he might not be in the frontline providing clinical care, he knows the essential part his team plays to the broader organisation. Having previously worked in a corporate environment, Roshan enjoys working in the healthcare sector. 

“It’s rewarding knowing you’re part of the process. You’re making an important contribution.” 

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