Compassion in any language

Compassion in any language

Ting Ting’s decision to embark on a nursing career came when she was admitted to a metropolitan hospital to receive treatment for chemical burns. 

As an overseas student when she was admitted, Ting Ting was daunted by being in an emergency room for the first time.   

During her treatment for chemical burns, Ting Ting remembers the sensitivity and empathy which the nurse demonstrated through the care they provided for her.  

“They were amazing,” she said.

While Ting Ting would continue to pursue a career in accounting, she decided to embark on a degree in nursing soon after. 

“I wanted to do something which I not only enjoyed, but I was passionate about. That’s what keeps me motivated,” she said.  

Today, Ting Ting is a Mental Health Graduate Clinical Nurse Educator at Alfred Health. 

As part of her role, Ting Ting supports graduate nurses during their transition into mental health, providing clinical mentorship and supervision, as well as facilitating education and training sessions.  

She also assists the graduate program manager in tasks such as program management, recruitment and evaluation.  

One of the best things Ting Ting likes about her job is being a mentor to nurses who have just begun their journey in mental health nursing.  

“I’m passionate about supporting others, particularly if they are new to mental health,” she said.

“I want them to know what mental health nursing is about. I want to be a person that promotes positive change.”  

Ting Ting did her graduate year on Ground Floor Psychiatry within Alfred Mental and Addiction Health and has been here since. 

Her experiences on the ward as a mental health nurse, the support of her colleagues and the teamworking culture, and a desire to support new graduates were some of the reasons why she wanted to work in mental health at The Alfred.  

Originally from China, Ting Ting is passionate about destigmatising mental health care among people from diverse backgrounds.  

From speaking to consumers on the ward in their own language, to reassuring families their loved one is receiving quality care; Ting Ting knows the importance of providing compassionate and empathic care as a mental health nurse. 

Importantly, it’s a value which is shared by her colleagues. 

Whatever background you are from or language you speak, everyoneat The Alfred is very supportive and respectful of each other. We work together so well,” she said.

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