The Alfred’s 150th anniversary. A celebration of the human spirit.

Throughout its 150-year history, The Alfred has stood firm with the Victorian community during times of challenge: fires, floods, disaster and much more.

“We continue to stand with our community today, particularly by helping keep people safe through this pandemic,” said Chief Executive, Prof Andrew Way.

“Much has changed since our doors opened in 1871, however The Alfred spirit of grit, tenacity and compassion has remained a constant.

“We have been part of the evolution, indeed revolution, of care that has vastly improved the health and wellbeing of our community.

“There continue to be successes and triumphs as we pioneer in cardiac, transplantation, emergency, trauma, burns, cancer, neuro, rehabilitation, and infectious diseases to name only some of our specialties.“

These breakthroughs continue to happen at the same location on Commercial Road with The Alfred remaining on its original site.

“The Alfred and the Victorian community are intrinsically linked through history and experience. In a way this hospital and our staff reflect the spirit of our patients and community.  Without their support we wouldn’t be here celebrating 150 years,” said Professor Way.

Significant birthdays are times for reflection as well as celebration. This year The Alfred will do both as it turns 150.

To acknowledge this milestone, The Alfred is celebrating stories of great spirit: times of when we have risen to challenges large and small.

“We are asking the community to join in. Now is an important time for us to share these stories and remind ourselves of how far we have come and the support that we give to one another,” said Professor Way.

“These stories will add to our history and help deepen our legacy for all Victorians.”

Join us in sharing your story at:

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